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This e-book is in PDF file format, in other words legible by all PC's; i.e. Mackintosh as well as Windows users. Just download it after purchase and read it with Acrobat Reader.

Put your organisation in the forefront of success for only $29.00

Easy perform e-book for performance is a blueprint performance model to boost corporate performance organization wide. This corporate performance model demystifies performance areas and performance indicators for all role players.

Are you the Chief Executive of a section, a department or an organisation? Or do you perhaps yearn for such a position? Then you need this vital information to boost your career or your business! It will become your lifelong professional anchorage!

If you follow and implement the guidelines presented in this book, you will also automate several other management functions at the same time, bringing into the organisation more security, motivation, morale and job satisfaction as by-products.

Without consciously doing so, you will also ease the way for job descriptions, job ratings, performance measurement, merit increases and the annual budgeting process.

You will bring into the organisation a hidden force to propel every employee, not only toward organisation goal achievement, but personal job goal achievement as well.

The principles and benefits are universal worldwide and apply to all types of organisations be it private businesses, corporate businesses, government bodies, non-profit organisations or social/religious institutions.

With this information you can pave the way for general stress relief, increased performance and ease of reporting throughout all management levels up to The Board of Directors.

You can get all employees to convert their personal goals into organisation goals. You can turn around any marginal business and increase productivity and profitability for any organisation with these transparent and hidden forces embedded in the guidelines.

Although some or parts of the knowledge contained in this book may be known to a lot of managers, they do not apply it at all, or to some extent, but almost never in the coherent sequence outlined in this book. You will soon find out how all the elements are working together to give meaning and synergy. That is where the magic comes in.

Learn the secrets no University will tell you. This is a perfect add on to the Masters Degree courses in business leadership and business administration. Learn how to roll all the important management functions up into one easy to install management system, thereby converting all the academic models into one practical model.

Do not allow daily activities and unplanned interruptions to make you loose sight of the bigger picture.

You can apply the guidelines to improve the performance of any group, i.e. a whole organisation, your own department or your own section.

Yes, you can become a magic manager or supervisor. You can easily become the linking pin champion and make yourself indispensable. You can guarantee your own promotion! You do not have to be all alone and cold at the top. Make this book your companion.

A mixture of worldwide knowledge and experience moulded into one super management model

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